Fort Buenaventura

Fort Buenaventura (1 of 5)

For Labor Day (I know, this post is 2 1/2 months old) we went to Fort Buenaventura in Ogden. We were supposed to be there for the big Mountain Man Rendezvous, but it didn’t end up starting until the next day. Oh, well. It was kind of nice being there without too many people.

I’d say the best part was renting a canoe for $3.00 and watching the testosterone leak out of Rob’s ears. He had a blast paddling around the little lake and feeling like a burly man.

The fort has a few fun events that happen year-round and we’re excited to venture there again when actual stuff is going on.

4 thoughts on “Fort Buenaventura

  1. We will have at least two photowalks and two classes per year about 3 months apart. We’ll be having a class in January on lighting. We’ll cover bounce and off camera flash as well as studio lighting. Should be fun. Stay tuned here for upcoming details. The Spring photowalk will be held at Temple Square on conference weekend.

  2. Yeah, we took the kids on the pond. The water was only a few feet deep and they also had life jackets for us to wear. It was a blast. It made we wonder why I haven’t spent more time in a canoe!

  3. Did you take your kids with you in canoe? Sounds like fun. Is it always open during nice weather?

  4. it took me a while to figure out how to comment on here…i am really into photography too and would have loved to have been a part of your photowalk group…darn a few weeks too late.will you do this again soon or just once a year?val sandberg batemango jags 🙂

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