Photowalk Dream

Last night I dreamt that everyone met at our house to go on our RJSnowPhotography Photowalk. I came up with a fantastic route and an equally fantastic place to eat afterwards. As everyone gathers, he tells me that I can’t go. I have to stay home and watch the kids!! He also decided that the walk was going to last all day and into the evening so he was just going to stay at The Hotel Monaco overnight. I was so mad!! To smooth things over with me, he had some homeless man deliver me candy…M&Ms and Triscuit crackers.

To Rob: Yeah, well I AM coming and you can’t stop me! (By-the-way, the M&M/Triscuit combo wasn’t bad. I may have to try that someday.)

5 thoughts on “Photowalk Dream

  1. She wasn’t mad at all this time and the story was so funny that we both had a good laugh about it. I have awoken in the past to find myself in trouble and it is quite a trip. I mean, I at least need to do something cool to merit getting in trouble right? (buy more photography equipment, break something, spend a ton of time working on a webpage). 🙂

  2. No, I didn’t wake up mad. I hate those dreams too…and so does Rob 🙂 I actually woke up laughing because I knew Rob would get such a kick out of it.And I think it was the whole salty/sweet thing that made the combo work. Maybe I’ll bring it to the next get-together!

  3. That’s a great dream. Did you wake up all mad at Rob? If you did, those are the dreams I really hate, they are so real they ruin your day when you wake up.

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