RJSnowPhotography Photowalk – Downtown SLC


Julie and I are hosting our first semi-annual RJSnowPhotography Photowalk in downtown Salt Lake City around 8 or 9 am (subject to change to get us the best light) on October 25th. Save That Date!!  The downtown area is overflowing with interesting things to photograph.  Check out a set of photographs that Julie took with a “point and shoot” camera a couple of years ago while waiting to meet some girls for dessert at the Melting Pot. 

So what is a photowalk anyway?  A photowalk is an opportunity for a group of photographers to work together, have a great time, and improve their skills through collaboration!  After the photowalk, we’ll assemble at a local eatery for some food and to view (I figure that we can come up with enough laptops) and discuss each others photographs.  For some weeks after that we can continue to share and discuss our photographs after post-processing.  I’ll probably set up a flickr group to create a common area for us to share our photos. Details of the photowalk route and lunch location will be forthcoming but please save the date and contact either Julie or myself if you would like to attend.

Update:  Attendance to this exclusive event will be limited to 20 people so get on the list soon!

5 thoughts on “RJSnowPhotography Photowalk – Downtown SLC

  1. Dayna:Deb let me know that you wanted to attend and we would love to haveyou and your friend along. The more Nikon shooters the merrier!Julie and I are putting the final touches on the plan this week solook for another post with the details sometime this weekend.Including you and your friend we are running just short of 15 so weshould have a full crew and I’m sure that we’ll have a great time.

  2. I am a friend of Deb’s. She passed this along to me and myself and a friend of mine are Nikon lovers and amateur photographers. We’d like to come along if there is still room. Please let me know!thanks!Dayna McKeedmckee3313@gmail.com

  3. Oh, don’t worry. We will not be running down the street taking pictures. This will be a very leisurely stroll with lots of picture taking along the way. You wont slow us down at all.You might have trouble laying on the ground to get a shot though!Anyway, we’ll all have a good time and the photo sharing/discussion will all be very positive.

  4. I am definitely interested. I will be about 31 weeks preggs, and don’t want to be the lame slow, pregnant lady that slows everybody down though. Keep me updated and i will see if I can make it. Thanks for doing this! It is a little intimidating to think of people analyzing my photos, but I’ve got to get past that sometime so that i can improve. I am pretty stuck and need to branch out and get more creative. Thanks again!

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