When The Hubby’s Away….

Pensive Rob

Rob’s in Glenwood Springs, Colorado again for work. This is how he describes what he’s doing this time. “Driving around all day looking at cliffs. Then spending a few hours writing about cliffs.” Hmmmm. Pop Quiz….what is Rob’s profession??? Anyone? Anyone? I’ll even give bonus points if you get the exact term. Even people who have heard him explain what he is never really remembers except that it has to do with dirt. Give up? He’s a Geotechnical Engineer. Whenever he tells people this, they all nod their head and pretend they know what that is. Don’t be embarrassed if you’re one of those people. Those people are EVERYONE. But he loves it and that’s all that matters.

So anyway….

Once again I came down with the travel bug and Rob had to continually remind me that I did NOT want to go with him. Remember this post?

Not 30 minutes after he left I had two emergencies. My MSN Messenger wasn’t working (I love IM-ing! I’m actually chatting with Rob right this minute!) and there was a huge spider! Okay, medium spider. But it got away!!! And isn’t it weird that the house always seems darker when the man is gone?

Well, I hope you have fun with your cliffs. I love you, honey!

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