Foto Friday – Aspiring Heavenward

Aspiring Heavenward

I took this picture 4 years ago. I worked at the Church Office Building at the time and decided to walk around Temple Square one day after work. It was springtime, which meant all the beautiful tulips were out and the trees were bright white with blossoms. It was gorgeous! I was a little worried since it was overcast, but I think the clouds in the background ended up working really well.

To get the shot to look this way, in Lightroom I turned down the exposure and upped the fill light in order to get the detail in the clouds. Then I played with the contrast and clarity so that the Gothic architecture of the temple would stand out. I then bumped up the yellow and orange luminance so the plaque and Angel Moroni would pop.

One reason I wanted to show this photo is because I took it with our very first small digital Nikon Coolpix camera. See! No fancy SLR required! All you need is a good eye and some photo editing software (a couple of FREE ones are: Picasa and Photoshop Express).

Experiment with your camera and software and get great photographs!

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