Magic and Marionettes

Magic & Puppet Show - 4

In honor of the birthday of Julie’s brother Brian (7-16-1976), we feel it appropriate to share the following.  On April 17th of this year I was privileged to witness a significant act of kindness on behalf of Julie’s nephews, niece, and another child in their ward. Long time readers of this blog know that a tragedy befell Julie’s brother late last year. Sadly, the other boy in the ward suffers from brain cancer. Julie’s father (Jim) had two marionettes and wanted to put on a puppet show that would teach the children about eternal principles. Chris David, a friend of the family, took matters into his own hands after learning what these children were going through and what Jim was planning. 

Chris has successfully put on numerous puppet shows for children in the past.  This experience allowed him to quickly organize the show, write the script, cast and train the marionetteers, and even compose a song. Chris also arranged for a good friend of his, Master Magician David Jenkins, to perform for the kids.  I asked Chris why he went through so much effort to put this show on for the kids and he expressed to me his great desire to make children smile. 

It was so much fun to see David interact with the children during the magic show.  He took time to interact with the children and brought a magical and joyful atmosphere into their home. Chris and his helpers put together a great show that taught the importance of prayer and kindness.  Candy and treats were provided for the children.  What a great night!  I can speak for the family in saying that the efforts of Chris, David, and their helpers were immensely appreciated.  Indeed we are grateful for the smiles and happiness that were visible on the children’s’ faces that night. 

Thank you.

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