Foto Friday – There Is Beauty

There Is Beauty

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I thought it was a great idea of Rob’s to do a weekly post of a photo that we have taken and talk about it. As you all saw, his “Alive” photo is fabulous. Some of you may not know, but he just picked up this hobby a year ago. Such talent!

I decided to post one (well, three) of my photos this week and talk about the collection a little. I won’t go into it much technically, because that’s my weak spot. But I basically just turned up the “blacks” all the way in order to make the background disappear. Then I added some “Fill Light” in order to make the color pop. That’s about it. As far as getting all three shots together, I used a “Lightroom Template” in the “Print” module and added an “Identity Plate”.

I decided to call this work “There Is Beauty” because lately I’ve been so discouraged with the world around me. The never ending to-do lists, thoughtless and immoral people, bad economy, and sadness everywhere. I’ve almost gone on a news fast in order to help shut out all the crap we’re bombarded with. But when I look at these close-up shots of a simple flower, all that bad stuff fades away and all I can think about is how much our Heavenly Father loves us. His creations are so intricate and amazing. It reminds me to be really thankful to Him for the beauty around us.

6 thoughts on “Foto Friday – There Is Beauty

  1. I have been trying to think of a word for Robs Photo it is so well done and beautiful. I love your flower “There is Beauty” You are so right what you said in your last paragraph. Lots of bad stuff is going ontoo much.

  2. So beautiful! Both of you are so talented. I think you need to start a web page just to sell your photos as prints.

  3. This is exquisite! I would like to use one of these for my computer background screen.Next time you take a great photo, please format it so that it will fill my screen just right.I have Alive on there now; at least for awhile.

  4. You did an amazing job on this Julie! This piece is so great! I love the contrast and texture in the petals. This is a photograph that I could look at everyday and still enjoy it and be drawn into it. Great work!

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