Oompa, Loompa, Doompa Dee Doo

Now, I HATE “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” but I LOVE the online store Oompa Toys.

Here’s their slogan: “NO BATTERIES. NO BLINKING LIGHTS. NO CARTOON-THEMED TOYS. PERIOD.” The founder of the company is a mother of two. Here are a couple of quotes from her.

“I wondered if she (her daughter) would ever learn to use her imagination. She did, after all, play with toys that with the push of a single button did and said everything for her.”

“As a mother with relatives in a developing country, I believe toys should not only be natural and well-made, but created in humane and safe working conditions by adults and with absolutely no child-labor. I go to great lengths to ensure toys within the Oompa family do, indeed, come from safe environments.”

As parents, we want to get our kids toys that are 1) fun, 2) educational, 3) will last longer than 3 weeks (as in quality and also attention span), and 4) are cute! These toys are the answer. They are so wonderful I want to buy them all and shower my kids with them year-round. Of course, that’s not possible nor a good thing. But just check them out and you’ll see what I mean.

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