I’m B-O-R-E-D!!!

No doubt we’ve all heard this from our kids (even the kids who can’t express that feeling in words express it in other ways such as getting into everything from knives to toilet bowls and/or crying, whining, etc). We as parents have also felt this many, many times. I know we’re not supposed to entertain our kids constantly so they can learn how to keep themselves busy, but this is hard, especially during the long winter months. Both the kids and the parents need to get out of the house and find fun things to do on occasion.

I found a great webpage to help us do just that! goCityKids is a great resource for coming up with somewhere to go when everyone is stir crazy (this is the link to the Salt Lake City, UT page, but other cities are available). You can search for places/things to do by “Type of Day” (Indoor/Outdoor), “Kind of Fun” (Thinking and Learning, Back to Nature, Entertain Me), and “Your Child’s Age”. Or you can just browse the hundreds of ideas listed.

Just a couple of the fun things we’ve done from ideas off this page:

  • Treehouse Museum Toddler Time: Mondays from 10am-noon. Only $3 per kid and free for adults (at other times of the day, it’s twice as much AND adults have to pay). We LOVED this place!! It was totally kid-proof and he could run around at will playing with whatever he wanted to.
  • Castle Heights Playground: A really fun giant castle playground.
  • The Tracy Aviary Pelican Feedings: We’re planning on doing this soon. We get to throw fish to the birds! We’ve already done the parrot feedings and our son had SUCH a great time with the birds landing on him and eating from his hands.

Don’t forget to look at the calendar for events and the “Deals and Steals” page for coupons at participating venues. Have fun exploring together!!

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