Simply Put

Gosh, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted a favorite web page…I better get to it!

I can’t remember how I got introduced to the magazine REAL SIMPLE a couple of years ago, but I’m soooo glad I did!! I’m addicted! This magazine is geared towards women, but Rob also finds it pretty useful sometimes. It’s focus is on making life more simple for the overworked, sometimes underappreciated, hectic lifestyle of a women. I know many, many gals who can relate to that. There’s just so much packed into this thing, I can’t cover it all, but some of the articles include:

Best things (spaghetti sauce, high heels, floor cleaner, hair dye, etc.)
Feel-good stories (about totally normal women who make a difference in this world.)
Organizational/How-to tips (framing pictures, the newest technology in cell phones, the best ways to organize your files on your computer, etc.)

You get the picture. When I know it’s about the time for REAL SIMPLE to arrive in the mail, I practically wait outside for the mailman every day until it comes (Rob can attest to that!). So my favorite web page this time around is It’s updated monthly and there’s so much there, you’ll probably never get through it all. It’s a fantastic resource!!

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