Allez Cuisine!!

I’m hoping at least some of you know what my title is a reference to. For those unfortunate souls who don’t, it’s what the Chairman says to get the Iron Chef America competition under way. I totally dig this show! I highly recommend it (Sunday nights at 7 or reruns during the week).

So, growing up, I was known as the terrible cook in my family. No matter how hard I tried or how many times I read a recipe, I always messed something up. And boy did I hear about…actually, I still do. But after I got married, I decided that I’d practice cooking and I started getting a little better at it. Then, I started watching the Food Network and my skills have just taken off (if I do say so myself). That is, except for the occasional disaster. Hey, we all have them. But, anyway, I have learned SO MUCH just from watching this silly channel. A big shout-out to Alton Brown!

So for my web pick of the week, You can watch videos of cooking demonstrations, see what’s coming up on tv, it is a wonderful resource for cooking tips and suggestions, and, of course, it has a gazillion recipes!! I’ve had quite a bit of luck with Giada De Laurentiiss’ Everyday Italian recipes.

Rob and I would like to someday put together our own little Iron Chef competition if anyone else is interested.

Good eats, everyone!!

2 thoughts on “Allez Cuisine!!

  1. Word sister! I love that show and I too have profited much from food network. You should check out It is a great way to find a recipe and has lots of helpful comments. I wanted to make a different cake for Wyatt’s bday and I found a great honey cake recipe there, everybody loved it!

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