Rain of October 6th, 2006

A few months ago, there was a large rainstorm across much of the state.  The rain was particularly heavy in Layton.  Much to our dismay, we all found that the capacity of the Layton City storm drain system is not entirely adequate.  In spite of our dismay, we took some very interesting photos, a few of which are contained herein. 

A lot of Water

This is the intersection of 1100 West and Gordon Ave.  The water reached over the curb a few inches!  This was pretty scary for the people that hit this over 30 mph!  Yikes!

Assault Wagon

One of our neighbors drives a really cool assault wagon that he usually parks on Gordon Ave.  I’m not sure why one would need to move such a formidable vehicle?


I tried to get several photos of the vehicles that drove by but I was using an older camera (because it was still raining quite hard) which made the timing difficult to get right and this is probably the best one!  Pretty cool huh!

River in My Road

This is the last photo I will post and it actually shows the water coming up our street.  As you can imagine we were sure happy not to have a basement that night! 

That was a pretty fun night and I hope you enjoy these pictures!

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