Nate’s Big Day at Church

So we don’t remember the last time we were able to keep Nate in sacrament meeting the whole time.  He just likes to walk, run, and play like a typical boy.  If we are lucky we might make it about halfway through the meeting. 

Today, Julie thought that we should get there a little early so we can get a side bench.  Now we can keep him in a confined area but we don’t have to hold him the entire time which gives him a little freedom to walk and climb without disturbing other people. 

I’m pleased to say that it worked!  He made it through the whole meeting!  I tried the same approach in Sunday School and it worked there too!!!!!  Needless to say we are very happy!

Now were are trying to figure out how to prepare him for an upcoming plane ride.  He has flown a few times before but typically slept the whole time.  We don’t think there is much of a chance of that anymore.  Oy!

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