Nate, Nate, and Nate

This last month has been pretty crazy.  The speed with which Nate continues to grow and learn new things is staggaring!  One thing worth mentioning is that Nate loves books.  We just got him a couple new books on Saturday and he love those too.  He brings us books to read with him at least five times a day.  The love of books is a joy that we always wanted our kids to appreciate and so far Nate really likes them! 

It is really funny to me how much Nate acts like a little boy.  He loves to make a lot of noise, he never wants to sit still, he loves to throw things, he loves to play with his food, he loves carrying things around and smacking them into whatever he can find, and he really loves wrestling with his parents.  It is so much fun!

Nate had his first official haircut this week.  I’ll post a before and after picture later in the week.  Julie was hesitating to cut off his hair because she didn’t want him to loose his little curls!  Oh, well.  Having cut hair even makes him look more grown up!  It is so funny to see him continue to grow!

There are a few new pictures in the January 2007 Group.  Enjoy!

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