Apple Day!

Steve Jobs announced the Apple ipHone at the MacWorld Conference today. This phone looks totally awesome and will certainly revolutionize the phone/PDA/Internet device market for a long time. It will be released in June when it should get final approval from the FCC. It is a windscreen touch interface that basically runs OS X. That is so amazing. The problem, is the price. 500 dollars for a 4gig version and 600 dollars for the 8gig version. Ouch! And that is only with a two year service agreement with cingular! So that thing is pretty expensive.

So in light of the news I bought a 8gig Red Ipod Nano today and I love it! It is just awesome. It is just so tiny! I’m not terribly impressed with the current ipod video and with no imminent release of the next generation I went with the Nano. It is solid state so I can take it to the gym and finally retire my 512mb shuffle! I have used that shuffle constantly for the last year and it served me very well. Now that I have the 8gig Nano I can put my entire library on the device to take with me wherever I go! I have about a gig left so there is a little room to grow there. Anyway, I got the Nike arm band and also an invisible shield so I don’t scratch it! What a great day. Anyway, I should mention that this was made possible by all the people who for Christmas, so generously provided me with the means to purchase my Nano . Thank you.

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