A Cover a Day Keeps the Song Blues Away

There have been many much-loved songs sung over the airwaves (and in our heads) year after year. Such songs are often redone, remade, and remixed, over and over again. Unfortunately, the results are usually…how do I put this gently…bunk.

I’ve put together a playlist of old songs, done new, so that I can keep enjoying the classics without going bonkers. Music tastes are extremely subjective, so maybe you won’t agree me. You also may be a purest and firmly against rehashes. Nevertheless, here are some to try. You may be surprised how enjoyable new, old music can be!

Maybe you won’t recognize all these songs from title alone, but I promise these are all songs you already know and love (just with a little special twist to make them unique again).

Much-loved songs, done and redone.

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