Quiet Steps

We visited Venice in early October before the major floods. We were so saddened to see on the news the high flood waters, damaged shops, damaged history, and disrupted lives. Venice is a very surprising city for us. We expected to be overwhelmed by the crowds and to find the city fake or overdone. In October we found the crowds to be minimal (at least on days when the cruise ships’ presence was minimal) and experienced plenty of space to spread out and avoid the crowds. Further, the city is mesmerizing everywhere you look and it goes on and on. It is incredible and became one of our favorite destinations in Italy.

We typically try to find quieter areas where we can relax and stroll more casually. I made this photo because I was drawn to this quiet scene, still canal water, white sidewalk and steps, reflection in the water, and the lovely bridge. While exploring this photo now I noticed the cup on the bridge. It is a shame that it was left like this as litter in Venice is punishable by steep fines. There are so many visitors that any amount of litter will devastate the city and water. I understand the water is pretty dirty as it is. No need to add more litter.

Quiet Steps was taken on October 14, 2019 in the Castello area of Venezia Italy. It was taken with the Fujifilm X-T10 and XF18-55mmF2.8-4 Lens at 1/150, f/6.4, ISO 200, with minimal editing for contrast in Lightroom.

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