This summer we road tripped through Arizona on the way to the wedding of my Cousin. We traveled with my parents and my sister’s family. One of our stops along the way was Saguaro National Park. I was enthusiastic about this stop but I was completely unprepared for the immensity, beauty, and mystique of these plants.

These giants only grow in portions of the Sonora Desert. They are very slow growing at about 1 to 1.5 inches in the first 8 years of life. A very tall cactus like the one I show below is probably going on 200 years old…. Uhhhh…. Wow….. The local people see the plants as a type of humanity and are considered respected members of the tribe.

Sah-Wah-Roh was taken on June 13, 2019 at Saguaro National Park on the Desert Discovery Nature Trail. It was taken with the Fujifilm X-T10 and 16mm lens at 1/340, f/8, ISO 200, and edited in Lightroom.

Click here to see it in full size.

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