26 FREE Hotel Nights with 1 Card

I know this title is hard to believe, but BELIEVE it!

Think you can’t afford to travel? You CAN! I used a similar Marriott credit card to earn bonus points and it paid for 14 nights of FREE (2 rooms for 7 nights) hotel in ITALY last month. So please, if you are wanderlusting, just go for it!

Here’s a step-by-step way to get up to 26 nights of free hotel around the world:

  1. Apply for the Marriott Bonvoy Boundless credit card. It has a limited time elevated bonus offer of 100,000 points. The fee is $95 and you have to spend $5,000 in the next three months, which shouldn’t be crazy hard considering Christmas is coming. Since you also earn points on your spending, you’ll probably end up in the ballpark of having 110,000 points when you’re done (2 points per dollar spent).

  2. Take a look at the Rewards Redemption Chart to get an idea of how many points you’ll need depending on the category of hotel you choose.

  3. Search by location, and if you’re trying to get the most nights for free, filter for Category 1 or Category 2 hotels. This is what I did and I found out I could stay in Vicenza Italy for a week, even though we needed two rooms to fit us all, for FREE. There are hundreds of hotels in these categories and some of them will even fit 5 people per room, depending on location.

  4. Get your 5th night FREE when you cash in points for one stay. So with the sign up bonus + the points earned for spending + every 5th night free bonus it = 26 FREE NIGHTS when getting one room in a Category 1 hotel at an Off-Peak redemption of 5,000 points per night.

Questions? Please ask! I love planning travel and I love getting huge value from little effort and I love helping others do the same!

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