Rob Went Curling and Would Like to Curl Again

One of my coworkers decided suggested a team building activity of Curling during a team meeting and we were surprised to find that almost everyone on the team was very interested in giving it a try. I was particularly interested as it sounded like a fun quirky activity (and I’m always looking for those kinds of things to do).

In the first photo below they are prepping the ice by spraying small drops of water all over the surface of the ice. These drops freeze quickly and give the ice a textured surface. The curling stones slide on the tops of the bumps on the textured ice.

There are 3 to 4 people on a team and we all take turns sweeping and throwing stones. It is surprisingly difficult to sweep for long periods of time so you get a good workout while curling. Sweeping doesn’t make the stone go faster or slower but instead changes the resistance allowing the stone to go farther.

Below you can see of photo and video of my throwing a stone for the first time. It was incredibly satisfying to actually throw the stone but I must say I wasn’t as smooth or as natural as I hoped. Hahaha. At least I didn’t fall down!

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