What’s New, Cashew?

This fall was a great one. We fancied the fabulous foliage and basically basked in our lovely life together.

Here are some highlights.

Hmmm….what to read, what to read? Gulliver’s Travels it is.


Iron Man getting ready for his cello concert. He made serious strides his second semester and is excited to take advanced classes next year.


Cara is showing off her new rainbow zebra bedding with kitty sheets…along with 3D butterfly decals and dragonfly lights. Her “theme” was animals and she had a blast picking out her new bedding decor without taking even the slightest hint of guidance from me. Obvs.


Every so often I pick up new board games and puzzles from DI because my kids love them so much. I think next time I’ll just pick up the games and leave the puzzles there. This box came with a two-fer surprise! Well…not quite.


Monthly, Rob donates blood or platelets. This time he got a rookie. Keep in mind this man has blood vessels of steel and rarely bruises from anything. Over the next couple days this got even worse.


We shot up our pumpkins with a few types of handguns and shot guns. Our first time shooting ever (most likely my last…I didn’t care for it. The Slovakian rifle made me feel like a terrified terrorist-in-training.) Rob surprised us all, including himself, with his accuracy using the 12-gauge.


Our final days at Lagoon consisted of Frightmares with friends. 


One of the days Nate went his friends and I had lots of time on my own . I took advantage of the occasion and took a few photos of what I saw around me.


Rob’s self portrait — train style.


We went out for a walk on a windy, chilly Sunday afternoon. The walk didn’t last long…


That’s all she wrote, folks!

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