In the Last 6 Weeks…

In the last 6 weeks…

School started. Caroline is doing great, Madeleine loves her teacher and getting to play more with many friends, and Nate is adjusting quite well to Junior High.

Rob is working hard and learning the demands of being a project manager over a few very large projects at work, but he’s doing much better at limiting how many nights a week he works. We both do better emotionally when he is more present in the evenings.

I was asked to teach yoga to a church gym full of women last week. My social anxiety definitely kicked in but I’ve been making good strides on controlling my awful and automatic Fight or Flight response. Progress feels good.

I had my birthday (37th) and asked for a large hammock. For whatever reason, I’ve always wanted one and I decided this was the year to make my extravagant dream come true. Haha!

We bought a Toyota Avalon to replace my old SUV. Rob and I have both had separation anxiety over getting rid of our much-loved ride. The needed repairs were stacking up and it was time to cut bait. We decided to downsize for better fuel economy and honestly, the price of SUVs have gone up so much the last few years that we decided our family of 5 really didn’t warrant needing one.

Honestly, the interior seating area of this sedan is really close to the interior of our SUV, so we’re still nice and comfy. We broke it in with a road trip to Washington and it performed nicely. We are loving the tech features that our older cars are lacking.

Rob helped remodel his parents 2nd bathroom so Grandma Williams could move in with them.

We’ve had fun goofing off around the house and still love visiting Lagoon whenever possible.

I have so many more things I want to write about so hopefully this coming month will see more action on this blog than last month!


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