End of Year Wrap Up

2016: OVER

Thanksgiving was splendid. Here are a few funny family candids by the Rob. He thinks it’s great being in everyone’s faces all night long. He got some lovely shots as well but these are more fun to post 🙂

We had a wonderful surprise party for Rob’s grandpa. Family came in from out of town and we all went to lunch and had a good visit with all.

December was really nice. One night we went to the live nativity in Alpine.

We always put up our Christmas decorations on the 1st Sunday of December but this is torture for our kids because all their friends decorate up to a month earlier than us. Nate, Madeleine, and Caroline think Rob and I are the biggest grumps because we make them wait until December hits. We make up for it by being one of the last to take them down…

I had a work casino-themed Christmas party. I’ve been writing for the company for 2 years now but I’ve never met anyone in person so it was nice to put faces to names.

One night we went downtown for a bunch of festivities. We ate dinner and then took in the view of Temple Square from the top floor of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. We looked at the Macy’s Christmas windows made out of candy. We took the train to the Grand America Hotel to do their window display scavenger hunt and eat gelato while listening to a great band in the lounge. We rode the Jingle Bus around town back to our car.

The 23rd brought the Raines Family Christmas Dinner and Party. There was a kid and an adult scavenger hunt, Christmas Pictionary, and lots of delicious food. After, we drove through Christmas Street in Taylorsville just like I did as a kid. More silly shots!


Madeleine had her Scera Theatre Christmas Performance. She is a natural.


Nate had his birthday at Top Golf with a few friends. I can’t believe I have an 11 year old! At his checkup the doc said he needs to start eating 1 1/2 portions for his meals because he’s under weight. He is 4th % for height.

We (Rob) tiled our bathroom floor. We (Rob) still have some decorating to do but it’s looking beautiful!

I had the kids earn some money so we could take them to Dollar Tree so they could each buy gifts for their siblings. They love doing this!

On Christmas Eve Rob baked rolls, pizzas, and sugar cookies. We watched a Christmas movie, played board games, and did all the other traditional Christmas Eve things.

Christmas Day brought church and a lot of relaxing and playing with our new stuff. Rob’s family was sick so festivities with them were pushed back a week.

I ended up getting sick Christmas afternoon, had a day off of sick on Tuesday, then woke up Wednesday morning really sick all the way through the end of the week.

New Year’s Eve I was still recovering so I sent Rob ice skating with the kids. Cara bit a chunk out of her tongue while jumping on the couch. Then we all made it to midnight playing games and watching movies.

New Year’s Day we had a delightful Christmas dinner with Rob’s family.

I’m pretty sure there were a bunch of other things we did, like the usual shopping/returning/re-shopping dance, wrapping, losing gifts, buying too much, eating way too much, and listening to GOOD Christmas music (Anyone else sick of Mariah Carey’s Christmas??? We like to find hidden gems that are awesome but never get played on the radio. Next year we’ll have to share our playlist because it’s da bomb and I promise you’ll love it).

Bring on 2017 and all the LOVE and LIFE that it will bring!

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