14 Years Down…

Here is one picture of Rob and I for each year we’ve been together.

Mt. Timpanogos temple in December. I was freezing but could hardly feel it because I was so happy!


For our first vacation together (other than our honeymoon) we went to San Diego but first stopped in Tehachapi to visit my grandparents.

I had some work training and testing in D.C. for a week so Rob tagged along. 

Ahh, Paris. It was much more fun for me this time around because I wasn’t alone and I had my own personal translator with me!


This is right after the blessing of our new son. My how our life changed that year!


I was a couple of months along with Madeleine when I graduated with my business degree. Phew! I was so glad to be finished!


We enjoyed a “babymoon” in San Francisco. And no, I’m not full term here. I still had 6 weeks to go!


Portrait time.

We took a weekend getaway to explore Capitol Reef, Boulder, Devil’s Garden, Kodachrome Basin, and Bryce Canyon.

Another portrait.


We took these serious-faced self portraits in our living room.

This was our digital Christmas card.


We get silly every now and then.

Here we are just hanging out while the kids feed ducks.

We loved exploring the Mexican ruins together!

Onward and upward to another great year together (and decades more) as best friends! 

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