These Little Lights of Mine

***These little lights of mine, I’m gonna let ’em shine!***

That’s the song that comes to my mind when I think of these children of ours.

Nate started 5th grade. Here are a few things about him these days:

  • He loves mountain biking.
  • He says, “Oh. I forgot.” A LOT. I haven’t been able to decipher if he truly does forget or if this is just an easy excuse.
  • He’s a shorty like his parents. All of his friends are seriously outpacing him in the height department.
  • His main goals in life are to learn and to play. Not too shabby.
  • He has an advanced sense of humor, totally gets and dishes out sarcasm, and makes us laugh constantly.
  • He isn’t that big on sleep. He comes out of his room at least three times every night to do something or tell us something that is on his mind. He’d stay up until 11pm easily every night and still wake up at 7am all bright eyed and bushy tailed.
  • He is loving the Harry Potter books and movies right now.
  • He is completely cool to have around.

Madeleine started 3rd grade. Here are a few things about her lately:

  • She reminds me so much of Rob, in looks and bubbly personality.
  • She hates disappointing anyone. If she does, she will immediately work to make it right.
  • She is very rarely grumpy and if she is, it only lasts about 5 minutes before she is happy again.
  • She loves to correct others and make sure things are done properly. Except…
  • She hates reading and following instructions. It deprives her of her own ideas and creativity.
  • She memorizes things quickly.
  • She is in drama class and I love hearing her recite lines and stories because she says them with inflection and animation.
  • She is a complete joy. 

Caroline started Kindergarten. Here are a few things about her lately:

  • She was blessed by her dad at the beginning of the school year to have courage to make friends. She really has been courageous and has made friends and she reminds me often that it is because her dad blessed her.
  • She is hyperflexible and very strong and shows me up with her yoga moves.
  • She sings beautifully and with passion all the time at home and in the car.
  • She gags and threatens to throw up every night at the dinner table after even just touching the tip of her tongue to her food. It is mostly a learned behavior, I’m sure.
  • She loves “treasure hunting” in the toy boxes and trash cans.
  • She is still working on her speech sounds R, TH, and SH. She still says HIMS and THEMS instead of HIS and THEIR.
  • I’m so glad I kept her home with me the last couple of years instead of sending her to preschool because it gave us the time we needed for our relationship to blossom into something great.
  • She makes us all laugh all the time.
***Let ’em shine! Let ’em shine! Let ’em shine!***

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