January Spent Indoors

Back in January I put a roll of TMAX film through my Canonet QL17 in January before taking it to Mexico (test run). Here are a few of the photos I took. They are pretty fun!

When it is freezing cold outside one needs to play indoors. Here is a cute photo of they doing what they do best.

The girls just playing in the family room
The girls just playing in the family room

A quick photo of some serious work in clay.

Here is a couple of photos taken on one of my chilly commutes home on frontrunner. Looks chilly but still some fun photos.

A photo of Julie, her sister Karen, and Mom Michelle looking through some family photo.

Julie’s Dad’s incredible work on the Mayflower. Here is the post discussing the finished product. Link

And last but not least a photo of best friends.

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