For My Children: Why I Do This

I’ve been feeling lately that I should write a post telling my children why I have written so much about our lives on this family blog. Maybe it’s a given. Maybe it should be said anyway.

Dear Nathan, Madeleine, and Caroline,

These 944+ pages are for you. I’ve written every word of it so you will always be able to know who I am and how much I love you. As you get older and read more of this family history, I want you to really know me and all my parts, both the strong and the weak. If I were to ever leave this earth before I’m old, I don’t want you to wonder or forget anything you could possibly wonder or forget.

I want you to have my memories of you, too. I want you to know where you come from and the breadth of your pure spirits. This is the sole purpose of my writings. It always has been and it always will be.

As long as you are my children, I will be your mother and I will love you with all of my eternal soul. I hope you already know and feel it but because of this blog, you will never have the chance to question or forget.

Yes, I love you. You’re not only the reason for this family blog, but the reason for my life.

With all the love a universe can contain,

Your mom

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