Princess Julianna & Her Test of Bravery

Once upon a time there was a princess named Julianna. Her life in the Land of Snow was pleasing, until one fateful day when she was forced to take the Princess Test of Bravery.

In the eventide, the Test of Bravery unexpectedly began. It came in the form of terrifying sounds echoing from deep inside the castle walls. The princess had no doubt of the source of these terrifying sounds. A Dragon. She just knew there was a dragon living inside her castle wall.

The princess decided that the bravest thing to do would be to summon the prince to come and slay the dragon for her, which he so nobly did, cutting off the head in one fell swoop. The princess swooned for the prince and knew she had passed her Test of Bravery.

Little did Princess Julianna know, there would be a second test calling for her to be even more brave than she ever had been before. The very next day another dragon escaped out of the castle wall and scared the very brave princess almost to death. Getting up enough courage as she possibly could, she escaped the castle with her royal subjects to the area of recreation outside the castle grounds, loudly summoning her prince once again while she fled.

Princess Julianna ever so bravely pleaded with her prince to summon the royal exterminator as quickly as possible in order to take care of the filthy, fire-breathing beast and all of its evil friends.

Princess Julianna knew it would be a terrible idea to go back to the castle until all the dragons had been slain so she requested they flee to the Land of Marriott and stay in the quaint and comfortable Fairfield Inn. Her request was granted, so late in the night the royal family traveled in their carriage to evade the terrible slaying that, so unfortunately, was taking place right inside their precious palace.

All the next day the princess bravely stayed away, exploring the unfamiliar land and trying not to think about the predicament awaiting her.

Finally, the dreadful time had arrived and the brave princess slowly and unsurely made her way back to her castle. Alas, three more dragons had perished through the night.

Knowing there were a few more dragons needing to perish, the princess bravely bypassed the cookery and headed straight for her bedchamber, all the while requesting the prince bring her something to nibble on and sip after he’d taken care to clean up the awful scene.

Two more nights of the prince fighting off dragons occurred before the princess triumphantly exited the bedchamber and entered the cookery once more.

At long last, the dragons were no more living in the walls of the castle and were forever more banished from entering into the Land of Snow. And the brave princess (and her prince) lived happily ever after.

The End

These are scenes of explorations after Princess Julianna’s brave night surviving in the Land of Marriott.

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