Where We Stayed & Played in Playa, Akumal, & Vallodolid

I thought I’d write a post just on our Mexico lodgings because they deserve it.

The hotel prices in the nice areas of the eastern Mexican coast are exorbitant, around $450 for places on the beach. It didn’t matter, though, because we didn’t want to stay in a resort anyway. We wanted to enjoy a more intimate, local vibe that made us feel like we were actually experiencing Mexico.

We have rented lodging many times before through vrbo but this time we decided to give the much talked about Airbnb a try. Contrary to what people think, there are many small hotels listed, not only people’s apartments. It’s a convenient, cost-effective way for these small establishments to get business without running a webpage/booking site of their own.

After sorting through hundreds of options, we finally settled on our favorites and booked our stays. The booking process didn’t go as smoothly as I had hoped. One place that we had tried to book was being sketchy so we cancelled and weeks later they were still trying to get us to give them money. The other three places we actually did book were a thousand percent perfect, especially considering they only cost us around $100 per night! The owners couldn’t have been more gracious and wonderful to work with before and during our time at their properties.


Our first night we stayed in Playa del Carmen. We decided we wanted to be out of the main hubbub touristy area so we booked a LOVELY boutique hotel a couple of minutes north.  It was situated in a very local neighborhood but right behind a 5-star resort. It was the best of both worlds since we got some local flavor but only had to walk a block to a beautiful, uncrowded beach.

There is a gospel church behind the hotel and so that evening we were serenaded with the craziest spanish gospel singing slash bawling. They were really feeling the spirit. It was awesome. Or disturbing. I’m not sure which. We recorded the audio from our back patio.


The neighborhood itself was a little out of our comfort zone. However, we really enjoyed taking it all in.

But once you walked through the large wooden gate into the courtyard, we felt so relaxed. After a day of travel and getting our bearings, we needed some serenity and this place delivered!

If I could live this minimally in my own home, I’d be a happy camper.

Our personal patio.

The rooftop was incredible. And, please. I’m NOT wearing a fanny pack. It’s a travel pack. And my did it come in handy so no making fun!

For the next two nights, we drove south and stayed in a beach apartment in Akumal. Getting to the house was an adventure. The potholed dirt roads are something else! Click video to view.

It was literally 25 steps to this gorgeous view!!


The grounds were beautiful.

Wall of Coconuts
And the room was very comfortable.

Our last night we went inland to Valladolid and stayed in the center of town at a GORGEOUS bed and breakfast. It was actually more like a high-end boutique hotel.

Again, you walk off the noisy streets

And into serenity.

Everything about this place was perfect and spotless…which ended up being highly important since I ended up being sick all night long (not from their food). Since I couldn’t make it to breakfast in the morning, they brought it to me.

We had such a good experience with our lodgings through Airbnb that we will definitely use it again and again, I’m sure.

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