Disneyland with Cousins

We went to Disneyland in September with Rob’s family and we had an absolutely amazing time. We already posted our beach time but we haven’t posted on the Disneyland portion of our trip until now.

We overnighted in Las Vegas on the way down and back and got into a few little predicaments…

Ouch! Don’t touch your bums to the cactus!!


I walked out of the stall to see this.

On every trip we take Caroline gets a goose egg on her forehead.   Every. Trip.

One thing we didn’t get a picture of was when Ben hit his head at the hotel and had to be glued back up at the emergency room!

We usually stop in Barstow for lunch on the way down and back but let me tell you, stop in Victorville instead. It’s so much less crowded and there are so many better dining options!
This trip we rented a house together a mile or two from Disneyland and either shuttled each other or took Uber back and forth. The house had a pool which was fun to come back to after the park and it was really nice to buy groceries for a lot of our meals. On a couple of the days we picked up food on the way back from the beach or the park and ate together at home (the park closed at 8pm most nights). It was so much easier than trying to control all the kids inside a restaurant or spending top dollar on Disney dining.
We went during the Disney Diamond Celebration so they had a new light parade and World of Color show for the event. Rob and I can’t even express how blown away we were by the spectacles. FANTASTIC! Our theory is that you get so hot and tired playing all day and wonder if it was all worth it but the night ends so spectacularly so that the parents forget about the cost and stuff and realize just how worth it it all is!
Here things got a little crazy while waiting for the daytime parade.

Did I mention it was H.O.T.? It was right around 100 degrees most of the time while there. We knew this would be the case and were as prepared as we could be with spray water bottles, cooling towels, lightweight clothes, cold treats etc. but we were all dying at times. Of course, we still had much fun.

A few randoms.

Our last night in Anaheim we took advantage of the house and parental units by taking the kids back home early, feeding them and getting them in bed, and then Rob and I snuck back out to enjoy a date at Disney. It was so nice to be together in the happiest place on earth.
I do need to document one aspect of my trip that was quite less than ideal. As you remember I got a tendinitis and bursitis flare up a week or two before we left and wasn’t able to walk well. In fact, I was in a lot of pain from my feet and hips. My doctor gave me a steroid pack and special insoles to get me through and I barely did. I was hobbling slowly and putting my weight on the stroller and gingerly stepping into and out of rides. I must admit, it was pretty rough. However, I refused to let it ruin our vacation so I kept smiling, made sure my kids didn’t know how tough all the standing and walking was on me, and had fun anyway! 
We had a great time with these people and are so glad we got to vacation with them!

Thanks for the memories!!

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