The Snow Sisters

These girls! What can I say?!
They never fight. They look out for each other. Madeleine stands up for her sister when there has been an injustice. Madeleine knows how to placate her sister’s sometimes drama-filled demands and/or reactions to perceived injustices. Whenever Caroline has the opportunity to get a treat, she is sure to get one for her sister, too. Caroline is always excited to fill her sister in on anything interesting or important that she may have missed.
They’re the perfect pair.
Here is a glimpse of Madeleine at 7:
  • She has only lost 2 teeth and can’t wait to loose more.
  • Has decided she really wants her ears pierced because if her friends and cousin’s are brave enough to do it, then she is, by golly!
  • Has a lot of confidence. Every time I give her a compliment, she comes back with, “I know.”
  • Expects a lot of herself. She thinks everything she does, such as homework or artistic creations, needs to be perfect and gets teary-eyed and frustrated when it’s not up to her standards.
  • Is a daddy’s girl. They are both goofballs and she loves teasing, wrestling, and laughing with Rob.
  • Dances like a broken helicopter hopped up on speed. Hold on to your drinks, everyone!
  • Is constantly practicing her own gymnastics, much to her parent’s worry, because she just flings her body without any control. 
  • Falls, trips, and stumbles a lot but she always hops right back up and announces, “I’m okay!”
  • Wants to participate in every single activity…unless it requires even a semblance of competition. Then there is no way she wants to be a part of it.
  • Tries very hard to be kind to everyone. Her age betrays her sometimes, but she really does try.

Here is a glimpse of Caroline at 5:
  • Is still a sugar maven. She often says things like, “I want suuugaaaarrrr.” and “Can I have something sugary?” We can get her to do anything by dangling something sweet in front of her.
  • Is getting the hang of her letters. Math already seems to come naturally to her.
  • Has yet to wear a pair of jeans or jeggings or chinos or trousers or even thicker-than-leggings-but-still-soft-cottony pants. She won’t even try them on.
  • Is doing well in gymnastics. Her coaches wanted her to try out for the “hot shots” team but she isn’t interested in going more than her one practice per week.
  • Plays with her little dolls all day long, every day. She’s very imaginative with them.
  • Loves to take a very hot bath for over an hour many days a week.  
  • She is a singer! She belts out her voice from her little body and fills our home with song. 

Those are my girls! 
The other day, Rob gave me one of my favorite complements ever. He told me I’m a “strengthening mother.” I hope that is true. 
I want my kids to figure things out in their own way. I want them to develop and be able to rely on their own strengths and abilities. I want them to feel the satisfaction and confidence that comes from knowing they can do something for themselves and also the ability and drive it takes to actually get it done. 
I want my girls to be strong in body and mind. And they are.

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