A Logan ‘n Lava Overnighter

Rob’s been working quite a bit of overtime lately, which means I’ve also been working a lot of overtime lately. We needed to get away for a quick break! So I planned a perfect overnight getaway for our family of five.

We spent our first day and the night in Logan, Utah. We really enjoyed lunch at King Taco
Next we visited Willow Park Zoo. It’s small but perfect for a buck fidy per person! 

Right next door is a big park and since it was such a beautiful day we spent some time here just hanging out.

Of course we were thirsty after all of that play time so we got drinks at Fizz N Fryz. This place is so fun for the family! Drinks start at, again, a buck fidy. They have all sorts of drinks that can be customized a million different ways. The kids thought this was SO cool.

Next up, The Jump Zone!


We had a few minutes before dinner so we got some ideas for the kids’ Christmas lists at The Book Table (and toy store) on Main Street.
Next up, dinner which was delicious as always at Le Nonne! We all ate well. We even got to see a couple of Rob’s beautiful cousins who own and run the restaurant. 
After eating, we were off to our lodgings for the night. I found this SWEET cabin to rent right on the edge of Hyrum Lake and it really was perfection. We all loved the two double-sized bunk beds, table, and kitchenette. At $48 a night, it was a complete steal for a perfect little hideaway!

We played family board games and ate snacks before bedtime.

Morning came and the kids couldn’t wait to explore the lake in our front yard! We ate cereal and cleaned up and we were off for more exploring!

We planned to visit the Logan Temple but the grounds were closed so we drove on to our next destination: Lava Hot Springs, Idaho. 
We first ate at the The Royal Hotel and Pizzeria before patronizing a couple of rock shops. 
We walked down the Sunken Gardens path before heading in to The Lava Hot Springs Hot Pools. We didn’t take our phones in so no pictures but there were 5 hot wading pools varying in temperature of 103 degrees up to 112 degrees. You’d think that the 9 degree difference between the coolest pool and the hottest pool isn’t that big of a deal but it sure is. We were all able to play and relax VERY comfortably in the 103-105 degree pool but Rob could barely walk across the 112 degree pool. The whole place was so clean and beautiful and relaxing. We thought it was great!

(Side note: This was Nate’s first time in a men’s locker room and he thought it was hilarious…lol) 

Afterward, the kids played at the tiny old-fashioned playground across the street for a few minutes before we drove to dinner. The kids had been begging for a long time for us to take them to Texas Roadhouse so that’s where we ate. Do you think they were tired at this point?

Then we listened to loud music the rest of the way home. The whole overnighter was so relaxing and family-oriented and JUST what we needed!   

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