California 2015 – Dolphin Safari

We recently returned from our family vacation to California where we played at the beach and went to Disneyland. It was a great trip that we all enjoyed immensely. Here is a video of our adventure on a Dolphin Safari with more pictures below.
At the recommendation of a friend we took a dolphin safari trip out of Dayna Point with Captain Dave. We had an excellent ride on the water and enjoyed hanging out and watching the various types of wildlife including dophins, minky whale, sea lions, and a several types of wild brids. Let me just say for a moment that the sea was fantastic that day. Calm water, sunny skies, spray of the sea at your feet, sea creatures, family; it just doesn’t get much better.
ocean shot
One of the things I really enjoyed about the boat was an open netting area in the front. Water would spray up and wet our feet. It felt great to have wet feet in the warm sun. Here are Nate and Joe (cousin) enjoying the water.
nate and joe
Dolphins! Check out the video for more dolphin shots.
Nate, Julie, Breanna (my sister), Kelly (my brother), Jess (Kelly’s girlfriend), and Madi.
some of the group One of me
Sisters at sea.
Sisters at sea
My parents relaxing in the back of the boat.
Gene (Breanna’s husband) enjoying a moment.
The last of the pictures from the outing were of a bunch of lazy sea lions on a buoy. Stay tuned, more posts to come.
sea lions

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