A Walk In Winnipeg

I had a day trip to Winnipeg a couple of weeks ago. In fact, I’m posting this on the eve of returning to this interesting little city for a day.

I understand that it used to be a major commerce center and could be considered the “Chicago of Canada.” I’ll be there working on a bid for a major transportation project. Julie has long influenced me to get the most out of these little business trips by taking some time to get some decent food or walk around an interesting part of town (with a camera of course). Sometimes just choosing a hotel in a more interesting part of town will make it a lot easier to accomplish my goals.

After finishing my meetings I headed downtown to drop off my bags and pick up my new (very old really) film camera that I recently purchased. I set off to an area of town called the Exchange Area which was peppered with old brick buildings, outlets for each parking stall, and a lot of interesting people.

I shot 36 frames and these few are my favorite. Hope you enjoy them. I sure enjoyed making them.

Casual Discussion Inverse Staircase Riverwalk Keep Your Trash In Line Angles Old Stairs Glass and Brick Old Building Night Scene

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