KT Tape – A Love Affair

You know the saying about duct tape fixing everything? Well, it seems that KT Tape is the new fix-all around here.

I’ve had a lot of people ask me about the new foot accessories I’ve been flaunting. Since there has been so much interest, I though I’d introduce you all to Meet KT Tape Pro, as in Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape. I’m currently having a love affair with this product, rightly so.


On a couple of mornings, I woke up with severe ankle pain after doing a yoga session the night before. I was so sore that I couldn’t put any weight at all on my foot for a good 5 hours each time. For a fun mental picture, imagine me crawling around the house…

It turns out that my jumps from downward-facing dog up into a handstand aggravated my Peroneal Tendon (the tendon behind the ankle that extends up into the leg) and left me with tendinitis.

I was looking for some extra support for my wobbly ankles and feet and tender tendons. For a couple of weeks I used an elastic, but stiff, ankle wrap. It lessened the pain in my ankle but transferred a lot of pain into my hips because my gait was different since the wrap prevented my foot from bending naturally when I walked.

After buying all the “as seen online” products at the drugstore and not liking any of them, I tried this tape and it’s been an anklesaver. But it’s not only used for feet, oh no. It can be used anywhere that needs a little extra support such as the shoulders, back, knees, etc.


This stuff was one of the tools I used to get myself around Disneyland for 3 days! If I hadn’t used it, I would’ve been in a wheelchair for sure.


So what it is is a roll of 6-inch pieces of stretchy tape. They are flexible, water-resistant, non-bulky, and come off mostly painfree. The downside is that they do tend to peel at some of the edges after a while and this brand is pricey ($20). I’ve also used a knock-off brand ($4) and honestly it worked fairly well. I leave them on for about 4 days before I change them.

So those are the details. If you could use some muscle, tendon, or ligament support I highly recommend giving this stuff a try. Their website has 42 instructional videos for wrapping any part of your body that is giving you grief. There are a few times when you should NOT tape such as if you have blood clots, malignancies, etc.

But I predict that this stuff is going to start making appearances on many a body in the near future. Because, hey, it is just the coolest new fashion accessory around.

PS: It’s a Utah company that has gained nationwide acclaim!

One thought on “KT Tape – A Love Affair

  1. KT tape is amazing! My physical therapist had me use it for several months after my knee surgery because I had developed patellofemoral pain syndrome, which was caused by patellar tracking disorder. The muscles on the outside of my knee were stronger than the ones on the inside, and it pulled the kneecap out of place every time I bent or straightened my leg so I had to tape my kneecap in place until I regained strength in the rest of my muscles. When I didn't wear the tape, I was in excruciating pain. But when I did wear it? Virtually pain free (except for the minor residual pain from my surgery).

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