My Sanity-Saving Summer Strategy

What are my plans this summer? 
To survive. Period.
Oh, I kid. I kid… 
Ok, I’m not really kidding that actually IS my only goal this summer.

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I love plans. I love schedules. I love order. I love QUIET. However, I don’t love over planning and over scheduling. I love my kids to have a lot of creative, fun, free play time without me guiding them on what they create or imagine.  I love stepping back and letting them do things themselves without my interference and I’m really good at it…maybe even a little too good at it.

So how do I create order AND allow disorder? Well, plan a time for no plans, of course! I’ve come up with a general schedule for us and I hope it’ll keep us all happy.
I need to sign the kids up for swimming lessons at some point but my goal this year is to get us in the water once a week. I’m not a water person but I think it’d be good for us. Last year we hiked so this year we’ll swim, dang it.

Another thing I need to do is make a “No Play” sign to put on my door as a sanity saver. Just not answering is not an answer. Believe me.

I also came up with rules and “jokingly” told the kids this is going to be The Summer of Rules. These should be the rules all the time but since they’re gone most of the day during the school year I haven’t been the best enforcer. That’s changing starting tomorrow.

1- Follow the schedule.
2-All friends eat snacks and meals at their own house and we eat snacks and meals at our own house.
3-Music and movies need to remain at a reasonable volume (still tbd what “reasonable” means) and need to be turned off when you leave the room.
4-If you make a mess, you must clean it up before you leave the house.

5-No complaining when it’s time for meals, outings, and bedtime.

I can already tell that this is going to be the BEST summer ever… 

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

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