A Few Things You May Not Know About Me (But Maybe You Do)

Following the precedence of a fellow blogger, here’s a list of a few things you may not know about me (but maybe you do).

1- The book genre that I tend to read most are historical memoirs, specifically 1890s-1960s. I also like to read about wars and geography and pretty much anything non-fiction, really. I’ve never read anything sci-fi or religious fiction and I’ve only read one young adult (other than classics). I have read the entire standard works including the bible dictionary.

2- I get neck and head and face aches almost every day from my slightly protruding neck, underdeveloped lower jaw, and large overbite.

3- I get bored. So bored. So much. But I’m very finicky with how I want to cure my boredom, just anything won’t do. The activity has to pass a very strict and lengthy vetting process.

4- I don’t understand why people pay to run (5ks, marathons). I’m not sure why running for free isn’t as cool as paying to run. Rob has tried to explain it to me but I just can’t wrap my brain around the idea.

5- While I’m on the subject, I don’t understand why yoga studios and yoga clothes cost so darn much. I can bend just as well in my $3 rec center class as the $12 studio class. I can bend just as well in my $15 leggings vs $80 leggings. Besides, isn’t all the exclusivity against the very core of the yoga philosophy?

6- I have a savory & sweet palate. I love me some meat and potatoes. I love me some treats. I have a much harder time with fruit (so tart!) and vegetables (so bitter!). I’ve gotten much more well-rounded as I’ve gotten older but it’s taken time and practice.

7- When I go to sleep I have to have my covers up over my shoulders but they cannot touch my neck. If they do I feel like I’m being strangled.

8- I’m entirely unhappy with the amount of travel I’ve done. It’s very unsatisfactory. As soon as I go back to work all my paychecks will go toward funding my dream adventures.

9- Before having kids I relished and was good at focusing on one thing for a very long time. Now, I’m so used to constant interruption, that even when no one is bothering me I find myself having to stop and take frequent breaks from whatever I’m doing.

10- I’m really, really bad at drawing. I should take a class.

11- I have an amazing memory. There are a few random exceptions where I forget something I was going to say or do but I remember so many very specific details of my entire life. I remember a few things from when I was two years old and pretty much everything ever since. I get my recall memory from my dad who also remembers back to when he was 2 and from my Grandma Allred who swears she can remember back to when she was 6 weeks old.

Well, that’s all folks. I’d love to learn more random things about you!!

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