NYC NYC/ Sunday

Rob here.

After a fantastic Saturday we enjoyed another late start. What is a good vacation without sleeping in right? We started off with a little jaunt back to our favorite doughnut shop. Have we raved adequatly about this place to convince you to try it next time you are in New York City? Well, you really need to give it a whirl. Doughnut plant. Amazing.


From the Doughnut Plant we walked north through Chelsea photographing the city. There are so many interesting buildings that are both ordinary, swimming in a sea of buildings, while at the same time unique, varying by light and time of day.

nyc street/buildings building light

There are a lot of things on the street to look at including people, cars, garbage, mannequin body parts, and pink call boxes. Who would have thought? When Nate saw this image he wondered what would happen if someone accidentally pushed both buttons at the same time. I imagine that has happened many times.

call box

As you have probably noticed in the pictures above, the general rainy character of the weather was greatly reduced and a little sun was making its debut. However, the wind remained part of the equation and it was pretty chilly. We were sometimes surprised by a sunny and windless scene in between all the shaded and windy streets. One such place was Greeley Square at the intersection of 6th Avenue, Broadway, and 32nd Street. It was great.

greensly square


We continued walking up to the theatre district snapping photos as we went; sometimes with our big camera and sometimes with our phones. The signs and lighting on the buildings through this areas were very interesting. Seemed kind of Vegas-ish. Meh.

theatre district

Then we took a little bus ride on 42nd street over to the Hudson to see the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum. It brought a smile to my face when we crossed 12 Avenue and happened upon the Circle Line Site Seeing dock. Fun times. Anyway, we walked over to the museum and I immediately got my geek on. Feast your eyes on this magnificent aircraft carrier. Julie had fun here also but she became a little bored after I continued to walk around like a kid in a candy shop; on and on for 4 hours!

intrepid & rob

I was struck by the shear size of the vessel. It was huge! I can only imagine this bow splitting the waters of the open sea.


I thought this preflight briefing room was really impressive. Time and time again, the pilots would sit and learn about typical and life-threatening missions. So cool to be there.

ready for a flight?

The SR–71 blackbird is the quintessential spy plane. I was obsessed with this plane as a kid and honestly I am still completely in love with it. I’ve seen similar A–12 in a couple of air museums around the country but this bird had eluded me until now.

bird tail bird engine

I can’t really describe what it is like to stand on the deck of an aircraft carrier. Honestly, I never imagined that I’d have the opportunity to do so. Standing on the deck in front of the command structure was intense. So huge.

command structure

Here I am trying to look important. “Turn to port not to starboard, you scallywags! All ahead full! Something amid ships…”

doing something important

Here is the lovely Julianna climbing a ladder on the ship.

julie on ladder

What was my favorite part of the museum might you ask? THE SHUTTLE PAVILLION!!! I’ve wanted to see the shuttle essentially all my life and I finally had the opportunity. Here I am with the Enterprise! Look, it’s a space shuttle!!!!

So this specific shuttle was the prototype flown in atmosphere but never sent to space. NASA considered upgrading it for spaceflights but it was not down before the end of the shuttle program. Also, I like that Star Trek fans essentially lobbied to get this ship named Enterprise. Can’t think of the better name!

rob & enterprise nose

I love the lighting coming off the shuttle on this one. So cool.


Another cool part of the museum is the cold war era diesel-powered submarine that was equipped to carry two nuclear missiles. It was very small and interesting to walk through. So fascinating.

growler rob & sub aft torpedo

After Julie was able to drag me out of the museum we made our way into the Clinton (Hell’s Kitchen) area for a bite to eat at a very cool burger place called, Island Burgers & Shakes. I got a black angus burger with bacon and goat cheese. It was fantastic! Julie got a chili burger that was too spicy for her. It would have made my throat explode it was so hot. This area isn’t touristy at all. It’s a real New York neighborhood with people carrying their laundry to the laundromat and running other various errands people do on a Sunday afternoon.

clinton area

Then we proceeded to walk north on 8th Avenue though Columbus Circle, past the Lincoln Center, and on to the Upper West Side. We walked on and on past the nice steers and parks. We started seeing many more families and children. Seems like a very nice area.

julie upper west

We made our way to café Lalo which was featured in the movie, “You’ve Got Mail.” The hot cocoa and desserts were wonderful. It was pretty loud but charming none the less. Check out a few shots of the place.

lalo lalo int Julie Lalo

We then took the subway a few stops back down to the Rockefeller Center area where we then walked past all the noise of the streets and tourists of NYC. Here is a picture of us with Radio City in the background. Julie is so beautiful. I had such a wonderful few days spending all my time with her.


Kind of a strange place for Christmas ornaments but we thought it was still pretty cool.

the rock

The stylish floors of the Rockefeller Center.

the rock floor

The area was brimming with Christmas décor and tons of people. We watched a light show on the side of Saks 5th Avenue, checked out some very, very expensive shoes, and had ourselves a very good time.

merry christmas

After Rockefeller we walked all the way down past the Empire State to 34th Street and Lexington Avenue for a late and tasty Thai meal. The end to a perfect day.

Julie at Dinner

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