Caroline Turns 4

Our little Caroline is blossoming. This is her @ 4.


  • She has turned into a chatterbox. I love hearing her little voice and the silly things she says.
  • The quickest way to get her out of a bad mood is to joke around with her. She will immediately perk up and joke along with you. 
  • She has a big gummy, toothy smile.
  • Changes outfits 4-6 times a day. Loves playing dress up.
  • Can’t live without her best friend. When it’s been too long without playing with her she mopes on the floor and whines, “I need Edyn” over and over again. 
  • IMG_1988.JPG

  • Can count to 10 but is still working on her alphabet. I’ve noticed that she is quite intelligent for her age when it comes to conceptual thinking. 
  • She is very stubborn but you can get her to do anything, anything, when bribed with a small treat. She is our little sugar maven.
  • Gets along very well with her brother and sister. 
  • Has always had very strong motor skills. She can climb like a monkey.
  • She still struggles with separation from me sometimes. Primary and gymnastics are tough for her some days. Other days it’s not a problem at all.
  • Has a very beautiful singing voice.
Her birthday party this year was themed “Captain Zarina: Pirate Fairy.” It’s the newest Tinkerbell movie. We played games outside, used tiny toothpick swords to pop balloons filled with candy, and mixed pixie dust drinks.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
The big hit of the day was our Walk the Plank game. After normal walking we challenged the kids to walk backwards, skip, spin, jump rope, and even cartwheel. They did this for a very long time and then it turned into a dance party. So funny what a simple piece of wood placed over a kiddie pool will do!

Thanks to everyone who came and helped her have a great time! We love our Caroline!

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