End-of-Season Wrap Up

A lot has happened over the last few months. Nothing major, nothing big. Just a lot of small things that, when wrapped up in one neat little blog post makes my life seem significant and full of blessings. Which it is!!

We wanted to takes the kids to Lagoon this year for their first time. I hate going in the heat of the summer and since we weren’t planning to do the waterpark it wasn’t necessary. I also hate waiting in lines with kids. No fun at all! So we went the 2nd or 3rd weekend it was open, Saturday March 31. It was the BEST Lagoon experience I have EVER had. The weather was nothing but pleasant. The lines were barely there but there were still enough people to make it feel festive. We had a wonderful, wonderful day.

My sister bred great dane puppies and the kids had a fun time holding and playing with all 10 of them. It solidified Madeleine’s desire for a puppy, which isn’t going to happen.

My kids decided they wanted to do jobs to earn money for the computer version of Minecraft. We made this list a month ago and they have earned and spent exactly $3.50. Money is NOT a motivator for them. So instead I divvy out the jobs as part of their daily chore…for free. Playing is their real motivation. Which, hopefully will change a little bit as they get older!

Skiing and sledding in the kitchen. (Click pic or here is link).


Now for individual updates.

Started running 4 times a week. Taking the HAM Radio test next week and is preparing to give a 45-min lesson at church about hazards in our area. Passed his Project Management Certification at work and got a nice email from his boss.

You were very well prepared for the interview.  It was clear to the Board that you have a solid understanding of the basic principles and practices required to manage projects for URS.  We appreciate your dedication and commitment to URS and the Salt Lake City office.  We believe you have great potential for growth and we appreciate your good demeanor in the office as well as your technical skills.  We also really appreciate your significant contributions to our SLC geotech practice and the mentoring you provide for our younger engineers.

Still busy with primary. There have been so many ward and primary changes in the last 15 months that it has yet to slow down. Planning a trip to Israel with my dad in October. About to meet my goal of jumping into a handstand from downward-facing dog without using a wall. It’s taken 5 months of work so far. 



Your kids Lego table ever look like this? It looks like one of those “Seek & Find” book scenes. But if you look closely the items tell you an accurate story of who my son is. 

Tested for Advanced Placement and didn’t get in. They only accepted the top 1% or 2% (can’t remember) from the school district. Hoping he gets pushed more in a few areas during 3rd grade. If he doesn’t we may need to find another solution. Finished soccer. About to start swimming lessons with Madeleine. Their reward for finally learning how to swim will be a trip to Cowabunga Bay. 

Click on pic or here is the video link.


As soon as school got out for the summer Madeleine started playing school at home. She has made great strides in her reading and now writes phonetically. It’s so adorable. She LOVES singing silly songs and memorizes them readily. Also finished soccer.

Finished her 8 months of speech therapy and has made dramatic strides in her language. She may not need to go back in the fall (but maybe later as she ages). Has digressed in her behavior, though. Lots of whining, uncooperativeness, and tantrums. Cut her hair into a tragic mullet. The only way I’m surviving is because of her best friend who keeps her entertained many days of the week.


Click on pic or link for video.IMG_1747.MOV

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