Big Surrrrrrr – Point Lobos

China Cove with Caves

Point Lobos Points Lobos Point Lobos! Can I just say this place was amazing! I was blown away once again at the amazing beauty of this area of the coast. It was made state park for very good reason. We didn’t visit the entire park due to time limitations. The areas we visited include China Cove, Bird Island, Gibson Beach, and Allan Memorial Grove. Check out the map below.

Map View of entire China Cove with Cave obscured

Our first stop was China Cove. The water was so calm and blue in the lagoon and then the water out beyond had much more turmoil. It was an interesting contrast. The cliffs surrounding the area were astounding and inspiring. Truly beautiful. The stairs down to the beach were closed because they had been damaged. We spent a lot of time in awe around the top of the cove.

Julie at China Cove

We then took the short walk around to view Bird Island.

Opposite side of China Cove Bird Island On the walk to Bird Island

We did get to walk down the stairs to Gibson Beach. It was so lovely with the fog gently rolling over the trees and gorgeous cliffside residences. Hope you enjoy the gif of me running away from a wave like a scared little kid. Haha. That wave snuck up on me. Just glad Julie had the camera ready for that one. 🙂

Julie on Stairs to Gibson Beach Gibson Beach Rob Scared of Wave at Gibson Beach

Then we took the Cypress Grove Trail loop. These trees were something. I think there is only one other grove of these trees in California. They kind of remind me of something from Lord of the Rings. Maybe one of the Ents was a cypress?

Cypress Grove Cypress Close up Rob & Julie in the Grove

And last of all we walked back along the coast trail and enjoyed the setting scene in the very last moments of the day. Wonderful. If you are ever in the area, I’d suggest stoping here.

Coast at Point Lobos Coast at Point Lobos

After sunset we did a FaceTime call with the kids to say good night and then drove to Carmel by the Sea for dinner and a snack. A wonderful end to a marvelous day 2! Thanks for planning this trip Julie!

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