Big Surrrrrrr – Pescadero

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
We drove inland just a couple of miles in order to visit Pescadero and get some snacks. What a quiet little place. This particular area of California is the Pumpkin Capital of the World, Artichoke Capital of the World, and Strawberry Capital of the World. 

While Rob visited a farm stand to taste some strawberries and figs I walked around looking for a restroom. I couldn’t find one in the vicinity so I asked the man tending the fruit. He generously offered me his restroom and pointed me to the back of the building. I wasn’t expecting a double-wide portable. I thought, “Well, I’ve used porta-potties many times before and I can now.” But when I opened the door and saw the toilet full, literally to the brim, of things I won’t name, I stepped back out and closed the door behind me. Then I waited a strategic amount of time before heading back to the front with Rob and kindly told the man thank you. 

I did find an actual bathroom soon thereafter but it wasn’t much better than the porta-potty.  That was our extent of activity in the town other than getting a few pictures and then heading off to another beach.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

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