iPhone Pics and Videos of the year

Randomness at its finest. (Okay I may be talking these up a little too much).

We went through two cats in January. The first one was too mean and the second one wouldn’t stop peeing everywhere. I promised the kids that once Caroline is potty trained we will get another kitty. At this rate we won’t be getting one for another 6 months or so. Poor Madeleine is wanting one SOOO much. She has a natural nurturing spirit to the point that she was taking care of and talking sweetly to her gingerbread cookie. Yeah, she needs a kitty.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Here is Cara’s kitty (titty) that she sleeps with every night. She loves pretending to be a kitty and loves to play kitties with anyone who will humor her. But if she gets in her mood and is at her breaking point she actually slides into a weird state of kitty where she won’t respond at all as a human, gets a slightly psychotic glossy look in her eyes and starts foaming at the mouth. I’m serious. That’s when we know she is absolutely done with whatever we are currently doing and it’s time to remove her from the situation.


Cara and her bestie. They are always dressing up together.



Rob took apart an old computer and gave some pieces to the kids. Madeleine was fascinated with the motherboard and was trying to figure out how the fan worked. Pretty cool girl I’ve got. (Side note: I need a new table).



While their dad was in Denver the kids got fish. Nate’s died after a couple of days but Madeleine’s “Sam Sammy Snow” is alive and well.



Here is a <a href="IMG_0815.MOV” target=”_blank”>silly video of Nate lip syncing a gut-wrenching operatic oration.



Self portrait while watching the kids at the park.


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