It’s a Half

We celebrate half birthdays in our family. We don’t really make it too big a deal but the kids sure feel like it is! We get a small gift, make their favorite dinner and dessert, and they get out of doing their daily chore. They sure enjoy being celebrated!

Today Madeleine is 5 1/2. For dinner she chose tortellini. Dessert is ice cream sundaes. For her gift I put together her very own sewing kit. Lately she’s been into making dresses for her stuffed animals but I only had left over decorating fabric scraps on hand and my supplies. She hasn’t complained but I thought she’d enjoy having some stuff of her very own. Now she has a big bag full of suitable fabric and ribbon and tools her own size.

She has been so grateful all day. She told me, “Now I will never be bored ever again!” She has plans with her friends to sew up a storm as soon as they get home from school. This makes me so pleased. I love that Madeleine has a desire to create. It makes her so happy to come up with an idea, work on it, and present it to someone she loves. 





3 thoughts on “It’s a Half

  1. You can never celebrate too much. This is such a great idea. I just went through our calendar and marked all of the half birthdays!

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