Daddy Daughter Date: Calling all Campers!

I forgot all about blogging our ward’s annual Daddy Daughter Date. This year, since I’m the primary president, the theme was up to me. The last two years have been all about the princesses. They were fun but this year I wanted to do something different. The boys in our ward had just gone on a Fathers and Sons campout and I thought it’d be fun to let the girls have that same kind of experience with their dads. Well, at least as far as having 2 hours in a gym can get you 🙂

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug


We decided to hand out a tri-fold pamphlet to each girl and require them to earn “badges” by completing different skills. Here are both sides:





Golf: One of my counselors made a mini golf course out of a pallet! I really wish I had taken a picture of it!

Art: The dads helped the girls make a necklace out of leather, wire, and a pebble that they colored. No pic of this, either 😦

Photography: We set up a tent and sleeping bags for the girls and dads to lay in and get their picture taken together.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Personal Fitness: An obstacle course with, among other things,  a log over a river, a mountain to walk around, and a cave to crawl through.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Beanbag Toss:

Orienteering: A scavenger hunt using a compass.

Ropes: A ladder rope toss game.

Cooking: We set up a make-your-own s’mores bar, of course! We had them eat on picnic blankets around an unlit fire pit.

To complete the ambiance we decorated with real tree stumps, artificial trees, fire pits, tents, flashlights and had mountainy nature sounds playing in the background.

I wish I could’ve taken more pictures of the activities but we were busy keeping everything running and do you realize how hard it is to take pictures in a church. So Hard. The lighting is absolutely terrible and everything just looks very bland.

The girls seemed to have a fun time and I’m guessing the dads enjoyed this almost as much as making fairy wands 🙂

So, for our first fun activity as a primary presidency I think we pulled it off quite well. I have to give serious props to my counselors and secretary. They are incredible. They are amazing. They are a primary president’s dream come true.

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