Blog Attacks

On more than a few occasions I have experienced mild panic attacks regarding things I’ve said or pictures I’ve shown on our blog. During such attacks I get all sweaty and my breathing quickens and my mind goes a mile a minute. I worry about offending someone or making myself seem foolish or unlikeable or a number of other things. I realize that even though it’s my family’s personal blog, the list of people reading it is growing longer and longer. We’ve chosen to not make it private but sometimes I wonder if I’d feel more free if it wasn’t public. I’m just so introverted in real life that I love being more extroverted online. It’s probably a lot easier to get to know me by reading this rather than talk to me in person.

Depending on the subject, before I click “Publish” I read and re-read and sometimes have Rob read what I’ve written. He always tells me it’s fine whether or not I think it is. I try to be honest without being too honest (there are so many more VERY honest things I could say…). I don’t want to regret saying something I shouldn’t. I have regretted more than a few posts over the years. Rob thinks I’m crazy for worrying about it but I care about what people think, whether or not I should.

If you think I’m crazy, you’re right on the mark. There. That’s honest.

ps…I’m probably going to regret posting this post. I didn’t have Rob read it first…

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