Arriving & Departing Las Vegas

We had a nice drive down to Las Vegas. We ate a picnic lunch at our favorite stopping point in Cedar City, Discovery Park.

We stayed in North Las Vegas. The first thing we did was go swimming. It felt so good to be in the warm southern sun! The kids are getting more comfortable in water. For dinner we utilized Yelp and went to Old School Pizzeria. It was really good, priced really well, and very kid friendly. It gets our recommendation!

Bob and Gail rented a Suburban so we ditched our car at a relative’s house in Vegas and drove the rest of the way to/from California with them. It was a pretty nice ride with two dvd screens. We hardly heard a thing from the kids and Rob and I got to read, play games, and sleep the whole way. It was really convenient to drive together and worry about parking for only one vehicle plus we also got to save on gas. Not bad!

When we were driving back to Las Vegas we had a late start and a long shopping stopover in Barstow so it got a little rough getting in to the hotel late but we made it. I was feeling pretty bad with a cold and sinus pressure made worse by the elevation change.

The next morning everyone else went swimming while I packed up. Rob got our car and we were off back home.

Here is a video we took on one of the mornings. It’s a balloon launch. Rob’s dad started this tradition when Rob was a kid. For birthdays, graduations, etc. they launch a bunch of balloons in the air with a postcard attached. The hope is that someone will find it and mail it back to them. It has actually happened a couple of times! We didn’t fully prepare Cara for what we were doing so she wasn’t too happy that we let her balloon go; it’s just that they wouldn’t fit in the car! Video Link

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

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