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Two weeks ago our stake split. That means the church is growing and that is so exciting! For the last bunch of years there have been 16 wards in our stake. 6-8 is normal. So, yeah, it was time. Our poor stake presidencies…

Because the stake split, it meant all the ward boundaries changed. Half of our ward split off into their own ward in the new stake. We were combined with the rest of our immediate neighborhood. We are sad we lost so many great families but are excited to get to know a lot of new wonderful families.

Because the ward split, I got a new calling. Primary President. I would not be truthful if I said it was a total shock. I have actually had the feeling for some time now, maybe even a year, that this would be my next calling. I’m not sure why I was given that feeling but I’m glad I was! Because of that, I feel I was a lot more mentally prepared than I would have been otherwise. For the last two years I was the primary secretary and so I have been in training. I know all the kids and their parents, I’ve been in on all the planning, and I was there every Sunday watching. The women I worked with are amazing people. They have been nothing but loving, enthusiastic to serve, were always prepared, and have become my friends. I will miss working with them!

In other ways, though, I did feel a little like I was thrown under a bus! Our ward split on a Sunday, I got the call Tuesday night, and I had to be prepared to not only conduct and do sharing time 5 days later, but since half the ward was replaced so was most the primary! I had to organize all the kids (almost 100) into classes and we only had a handful of teachers. I had to pray about and choose counselors and a secretary. Not until Sunday morning was my 2nd counselor called and my secretary (who will be out with her newly born babe for a couple of months). I don’t have permanent music people yet, there is a baptism on Saturday (luckily this was previously taken care of), I don’t know any of the new kids’ birthdays, etc, etc, etc. I have a lot of ideas and plans I want to make but for now I’m basically in primary survival mode just trying to get the week-to-week organized and fill in all the empty calling slots.

One of the things I did last Sunday was brought balloons and played a get-to-know-you game. I realize a lot of these kids know each other from school and the neighborhood, but it can still be quite overwhelming and sad to see your other good friends leave and have everything change. I know, because I had to do it when our ward boundaries changed when I was 15. Granted, I’m sure it’s easier on little kids than teenagers, but I wanted to make sure the kids recognize this as a positive thing. Sunday was chaotic, but it was fun!

I’m not the most outgoing, gregarious, enthusiastic person out there. I have a lot of shortcomings. I tend to over think, stress, and just plain panic at times. But this last week I have felt more inspiration, patience, and love than I have for a while. I know the Lord is blessing me with those things. Hopefully He will continue to do so!

I’m excited to get to know all these new families and help teach the gospel to them. It’s such a beautiful message to learn and life to lead. Feeling the spirit wrap around you is the best feeling known to mankind. I have the strongest testimony that these little ones are children of God and He loves them. Just knowing that one thing can help get you through anything in this sometimes tumultuous life. I want them to gain that same testimony.

Wish me luck and say a prayer for me!

2 thoughts on “Stake, Ward, Primary

  1. You'll do fantastic. I think any president calling is a bit overwhelming-but with the Lord's hand, anything can be accomplished.

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