Fall Soccer

We registered Nate to play soccer with the North Utah County Soccer League. We got him geared up and ready for his first practice. Here he is all ready to play.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

And a shot of his very cool soccer boots (cleats).

I was able to be Nate’s coach this year. Because the coaches are supposed to be on the field to keep things going I was really grateful for the parents that stepped in to help me keep things going at practice and the game. Here is one of our classic team cheers (It may have actually been our first team cheer). Our cheers became progressively more funny and by the end of the season they always referenced some type of flatulence (Ha).

Nate after the ball and backing up his teammate Thomas. During his first couple Nate played really hard. He was after the ball and scored a few goals. After that he slowed down a bit and goofed off more (This aggravated me to no end). We’ll see what happens in the spring. 🙂

I love this picture of Nate.

Hey Nate, no slide tackling please. hehe.

Oh he goes down!

Here goes Nate threading the needle between the defenders!

And protecting the ball from the defenders.

Nate looks awesome in this one.

Nate was good enough to pose with the coach (me) at the end of the game. Good times.

Here is a video of Nate doing some great defense and their team scoring a goal!


Here is a video of Cara


And one more sweet picture of me with my oldest kids. Madeleine wants to play soccer in the fall. I’m very excited for that too!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

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