An Afternoon in Zion

While Rob was evaluating some bridges in Virgin, UT the kids and I spent the afternoon in Zion National Park a mere 10 minutes away. But first the kids and I stopped at the Virgin Trading Post for lunch. We waited a little while for our food and I really was only expecting the quality to be on a theme park level. But. Oh, man.

I had .literally. the BEST cheeseburger I believe I have ever had. (Name that character!) Ever. I was stunned by its pure serotonin-inducing goodness. I ordered one for Rob and dropped it off to him because he just HAD to eat one.

After eating the kids and I bought two carrots to feed the onsite burros and play in the makeshift wild west buildings outside. I took a bunch of pictures but haven’t been able to find them 😦 Somehow they got deleted or I lost the memory card.

Then the kids and I went into the park and took the shuttle to the riverside walk. I like this stop with kids. It’s easy and they love to play in the water. I only took my phone and these are the two pictures I took with it.



The kids were so beat after this. We picked up Rob and went to the hotel in St. George. The next morning we swam a little before picking up Rob on the way back home.

I’m so glad we were able to go with him on this trip. The kids and I always have so much fun exploring and it is SO MUCH BETTER than staying home while he leaves. That is no fun at all. This way we get a little vacation and don’t have to be separated. It’s a win-win.

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